Knowing the costs involved in attending university is important for you to start planning financially for your education.

The costs will vary based on the program you are interested in studying. Browse the tuition page to get an idea of the costs involved.?

In addition to tuition costs, you also need to think about books and supplies, transportation and parking, as well as living expenses, such as residence. Your costs will vary based on whether you are moving away from home or staying close to home as well as your own individual spending habits.

Preparing a budget for the year can help you plan forward.

Here is an estimated breakdown of a typical Lakehead University student budget. For illustrative purposes, you will see the approximate cost for students living on-campus (i.e. residence) compared to off-campus. Either way you will see the costs at Lakehead are extremely competitive. The cost of living in both our communities is also very reasonable.?

Thunder Bay
?Activity Fees**?$976?$833
?Books/Supplies/Field Trips?$1,000?$1,000
?Entertainment & Personal Expenses?$1,600?$1,600
?TOTAL Live Off Campus***?$10,744?$10,101
Residence Fees (Room & Board)??$10,030?$11,372
?TOTAL Live On Campus?$20,774?$21,473
*2016/2017 tuition fees range from $6,268 to $7,762 for degree programs. Tuition fees for international students range from $20,500 to $23,000 for degree programs. For details on tuition fees, visit our?tuition fees website?and click on the type of student you are (graduate/undergraduate, Canadian/international) under the campus of your choice.?International students are required to enrol in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). Contact Lakehead University International for information on the cost of this health care protection plan.
**2015/2016 activity (ancillary) fees varied depending on program of choice. For details on ancillary fees, visit our tuition fees website and click on the type of student you are (graduate/undergraduate, Canadian/international) under the campus of your choice.
***This total does not include the cost of off-campus housing rental as this amount varies greatly depending on the choice of housing. For an idea of rental costs in Thunder Bay and Orillia, visit our off-campus housing list.

You can offset your costs with Lakehead's generous scholarship and bursaries. With over $11 million awarded annually to students, there are many ways for you to fund your education and we can help you!